Tech giants unite for Chinese earthquake relief, raise $32 million

Shawn Knight

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Several tech industry rivals are putting their differences aside in order to come together to help raise money for victims of this weekend’s devastating earthquake in China. A score of tech firms have donated more than $32 million in towards...

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I am sure the shelter-less and hungry Chinese would love a new Apple device after this. They'd be better served if Apple sold 20,000 shares and provide what is really needed. Apple devices!!! Way to promote yourselves in a disaster Apple.


Hah, microsoft can't even win the donation wars let alone tech products.


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Talk about giving aid and comfort to the enemy. China is the biggest source of hacking and industrial espionage the globe and these companies are giving them aid? We're our own worse enemies.


Their own fault for outsourcing development instead of providing their own economy with jobs within the state, anyone else want cheaper labor?