The latest release in the Call of Duty franchise could be announced as early as this week. Promotional material for the unannounced title known as Call of Duty: Ghosts highlight a May 1 reveal although it's unclear if Activision plans to showcase anything on that date or if it's simply the day that promo material will hit retail stores.

If you recall, last year's Call of Duty sequel was unveiled on the same day which lends some credit to this year's rumor. If it's anything like what we saw with Black Ops 2, gamers can probably expect an intro to the game's storyline as well as a trailer. Odds are, however, that the majority of information and gameplay footage will be reserved for next month's next generation Xbox reveal or in June during E3.

Leaked product listings have already revealed the box art and we already know a good bit about the direction the title will take the franchise. According to previous rumors, the storyline is said to branch out of the Modern Warfare series but move in a different direction.

We are told that the campaign will be set sometime in the future although with present-day weapons due to the fact that one of the major plot points in the game has to do with using weapons from the past. The game will also feature destructive environments like those found in Battlefield. It'll be interesting to see how Infinity Ward handles destructive environments in multiplayer.