Intel isn't the only company working hard to prepare new products for the next-generation Haswell platform. Gigabyte is working to revamp their UEFI on Haswell motherboards and judging from a teaser shot that recently found its way to Facebook, there will be a lot to love.

Some of the details in the screenshot have been blurred but that doesn't really take much away from what we can gather from it. For starters, the resolution looks to have received a bump - perhaps all the way up to 1080p as evident by a detailed background image and a "Resolution" option in the bottom right of the screenshot.

As for the layout of the UEFI, the outer edges have been designed to show real-time stats without having to navigate through multiple sub-menus. Users will be able to monitor CPU, memory and system stats on-the-fly in addition to temperatures, fan speeds and voltages.

If that wasn't enough, the firmware looks to be completely customizable as well. The teaser image shows a set of user options which we assume can be selected and added to a custom user tab - in this example, the custom tab has been labeled as "Performance."

It's good to see that Gigabyte is aiming to further develop the UEFI layout while at the same time, it's hard to fathom that motherboard makers stuck with traditional BIOS layouts for so long considering how far along other PC-related technologies have come in recent years.