Borderlands 2 case mod using HAF 932 chassis I've been modding cases for about ten years, and my Borderlands mod is really the first that I've documented while the work was in progress. While roaming around Pandora, the weapon and ammo caches stuck out as perfect objects to base a mod on, and the Borderlands mod was conceived. HardForum

LinkedIn: The creepiest social network After digging for answers and even a couple attempts at contacting their customer support, I've concluded that LinkedIn is by far the creepiest social network. The primary reasons LinkedIn is the mustached, trench coat and wire frame glasses wearing mouth breather of the internet are the "People You May Know" and "People Also Viewed" features. Interactually

Watch Dogs getting hacking feedback from security firm Kaspersky Lab Ubisoft Montreal is soliciting feedback on hacking as it is depicted in Watch Dogs, a contemporary action game in which the protagonist exploits interconnected computer networks through his smartphone. Joystiq

Intel: Keeping up with Moore's Law is becoming a challenge Moore's Law is based on a theory that the number of transistors that can be placed on silicon doubles every two years, which brings more features on chips and provides speed boosts. Using Moore's Law as a baseline, Intel for decades has added more transistors while reducing the size and cost of a chip. The manufacturing advances help make smartphones, tablets and PCs faster and more power efficient. PC World

nlock/Jailbreak iPhone 5/4S/4/3GS iOS 6.1.4/6.1.3 This untethered jailbreak and unlock for iOS 6.1.3 and 6.1.4 is based on an exploit found by iPhone security experts, who demoed it on his iPod touch last week before handing it over to the SoftUnlock to do the rest. GardenCityPatch

UK law change targets faulty apps, games, music As a result, customers will be able to claim refunds or compensation for problem content such as online games which are repeatedly inaccessible (hello, SimCity at launch) apps which freeze and movies which refuse to stream despite your internet connection being fine. Wired

Google X Phone: Motorola XT1058 With AT&T Support Hits FCC We all know that Google and Motorola are planning to come up with an Android smartphone called the X Phone. A recent filing by Motorola at the FCC reveals a device called the Motorola XT1058. This could very well be the X Phone everyone is excited about. The Droid Guy

ESPN Eyes Subsidizing Wireless-Data Plans ESPN, the cable sports channel majority-owned by Walt Disney Co. has had discussions with at least one major U.S. carrier to subsidize wireless connectivity on behalf of its users, according to people familiar with the matter. Under one potential scenario, the company would pay a carrier to guarantee that people viewing ESPN mobile content wouldn't have that usage counted toward their monthly data caps. WSJ

As Tech Giants Scramble For Talent, It's Buy Or Die The writing's on the wall. Mobile is the future, and it requires different skills than the web. Entrepreneurship is more fetishized than ever, making standard hiring tough. The result is days like today where Yahoo, Twitter, Salesforce, and Box all bought startups, and Facebook and Microsoft were reported to be in talks for major acquisitions. Big is a scary thing to be right now. TechCrunch

Ludicrous Speed: WordPress Caching with Redis I'm very happy to say that I've finally set up a hugely efficient front-end page cache for WordPress.  It doesn't use a plugin. It doesn't require hacking core. And it serves my website in 3 ms. Eric A Mann's blog