Two of the largest technology-related trade shows in the world are scheduled to take place next month. Computex kicks off on June 4 and runs through the 8th in Taipei, Taiwan, while E3 takes place June 11 through the 13th in Los Angeles.

Shows like this are an excellent opportunity for companies to show off what’s new and what they are working on for the future. That is, if you’re a member of the media or work in the industry. Otherwise, you might as well hang up any idea of attending as these shows and others like them aren’t open to the general public.

The decision to close trade shows to the general public may sound harsh from the outside and there’s little doubt the organizers could earn a hefty sum of cash by selling tickets but the truth of the matter is, there’s simply not enough room to accommodate more people. What’s more, trying to get work done among a slew of people that are just there to have fun would be a nightmare.

But, what if you were given the opportunity to attend one trade show without any restrictions? Which would you choose? A massive event like CeBIT, CES or Computex? Or perhaps a niche event like E3, Apple’s WWDC, SEMA or Google's I/O conference? Let us know in the comments below!