Mojang's next major release is finally slated to launch in open beta for the Mac and PC. The title, which was originally expected to drop in April before being delayed, will carry the same community-assisted development model that the developer used with Minecraft.

As was the case with Minecraft, gamers that get in on the ground floor of the beta will be able to purchase the game at a discounted rate. It will be priced at just $20 when it becomes available on June 3. No word yet on how much the price will increase as the gamer-assisted development process progresses but if it follows the same path as Minecraft, we could expect to see the price go up in $5 increments as new phases of the development are completed.

The game in question is called Scrolls and is described as a card collecting strategy game that combines trading cards with traditional board games. It's been under development for several years and was officially announced on March 2, 2011 before entered a closed alpha phase in July 2012.

The title already has a bit of history as it caught the eye of Bethesda back in August 2011. The company threatened to sue Mojang over the use of the world "Scrolls" as they believed it infringed on their registered trademark "The Elder Scrolls." The two sides eventually came to an agreement less than a year later in which Mojang wouldn't trademark "Scrolls" while Bethesda would not contest its usage.