The traditional television interface, or rather how to improve it, is one of the hottest topics in tech today. With live television, cloud-based DVRs and Internet streaming all vying for your attention, it can be a headache to try and manage everything at once.

If only there was a platform that could seamlessly integrate all of your media sources into a single, easy-to-manage bundle. That's where Fan TV enters the equation. The company's new set-top box aims to do just that by taking the best parts of each service and rolling it all into an amazing looking package.

You might recall video discovery startup Fanhattan - a company that released an iPad app a few years ago to help users find the content they are looking for across multiple streaming services. That's the same company behind Fan TV - they're now bringing that discovery experience to your television and tying it in with virtually every media outlet you have access to. Soon you'll be able to simply search for a movie or show and Fan TV will scan all of your media sources to find where you can watch it, whether it's live TV, streaming or video on demand.

Unlike the slew of other streaming boxes already on the market, Fan TV connects with your existing cable or satellite service much like Xbox One will. Details are still scarce but we know the company plans to work with television operators to make the service available to their customers. Depending on how it all plays out, the Fan TV box could replace your legacy cable or satellite box and bring the whole experience into the current generation.

CEO Gilles BianRosa believes the new box could be available to as many as 60 million pay TV households by the end of this year but with no mention of any partners or pricing, one likely shouldn't get too excited about those claims just yet.