Although recent events have reminded us just how absurd the goal of absolute online privacy may be, Onion Pi promises to give users back a little peace of mind. The Onion Pi pack turns the diminutive Raspberry Pi into a portable wireless access point which can anonymize your Internet sessions by functioning as a full-blown Tor proxy.

Tor is a well-known P2P-based anonymous network with U.S. Naval Research Laboratory roots (pdf). By configuring the USB-powered Raspberry Pi to operate as a wireless access point and route network traffic destined for the Internet through Tor, users have an easily-pocketable way to protect their online anonymity. Any device connected to it will automagically receive the anonymizing benefits of the Tor network with zero client configuration necessary.

Of course, there are some steps to follow and a few commands to punch into your Raspberry Pi before it is fully onionfied. After it's built and configured though, using it as "easy-as-pie," claims Adafruit.

The Onion Pi kit includes a Raspberry Pi (B), Adafruit Pi Case, WiFi adapter with antenna, 4GB SD Card with Raspbian 7 pre-installed and all of the cables you need to get started. Sorry though, folks – the cool Onion Pi decal is not included.

Admittedly there are numerous other ways to transform your Raspberry Pi into a wireless Tor proxy, all without purchasing an Onion Pi kit; however, a portion of the proceeds will directly benefit the Tor Foundation. Additionally, there's a little bit of a discount too: the Onion Pi pack sells for $95 although it contains about $108 worth of hardware.