Onion Pi transforms Raspberry Pi into anonymous Wi-Fi hotspot

By Rick
Jun 19, 2013
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  1. Although recent events have reminded us just how absurd the goal of absolute online privacy may be, Onion Pi promises to give users back a little peace of mind. The Onion Pi pack turns the diminutive Raspberry Pi into a portable wireless...

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  2. I sure hope they come out soon with an anonymous keyboard... every time I press a key the fricking letter comes up on my screen! It knows what I am typing!!! WHERE"S MY PRIVACY???

    Same goes with my cell company, they know WHO I talked to, they know HOW LONG I talked to them for, heck they even know if it was long distance or not!!! WHERE"S MY PRIVACY????

    Same goes with my utility company, did you know they know WHEN and HOW MUCH power/water you use???? WHERE'S MY PRIVACY?????

    Frick, even soon I bet the banks will track how much money you have and your credit history! WHERE'S MY PRIVACY?

    It's got so bad now, I was walking down the street and this lady I passed NOT ONLY looked at me but also said "good morning?" HOW disrespectful!!!!! First she invaded my privacy but looking at me, can she not respect my privacy and not look? And then for her to add injury to insult, she SPOKE to me!!! The world is going to HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHERES MY PRIVACY???!!!!?????
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  4. cliffordcooley

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    Heck I'll bet even your car salesman, know who they are selling a car to. Where is your privacy?

    OMG give me a break! You can't conduct business without presenting who you are. As for the phone company, you have to prove who you are and who you want to talk to, before they can connect the dots. I never thought I would hear myself say these words, "Do you even have a brain?". No wait, I get it. You are here trolling and I couldn't resist the trap.

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