The console gaming community was up in arms after word came out that Microsoft's next-generation console would require an internet connection every 24 hours and control how people buy used games – not outright ban the practice though. The pressure was such that the company saw no other option than to give up on the policies it had been working on as part of its vision for the Xbox's future. Gamers were heard.

Unfortunately you can't have the good without some of the bad as well. As a result of Microsoft's reversal, the ability to share games and digital content with up to 10 friends or family members is gone, and so is disc-free gaming or accessing your games library from any Xbox One, not just yours.

For those of you considering a next generation console: how often do you buy used games compared to new ones? Also, putting aside that online checks every 24-hours or no offline play do feel anti-consumer, would something like that have affected you directly due to lack of reliable broadband or otherwise?