AMD updated their desktop APU product line last month with a minor refresh known internally as Richland. The new chips offered basic clock speed improvements, a couple of new software features and better power management. It now appears that the chip maker is looking to improve on Richland's thermal properties if a recently discovered CPU support list from MSI is to be believed.

The eagle-eyed gang over at TweakPC was the first to notice two new chips as being supported on several MSI Socket FM2 motherboards, the A10-6700T and the A8-6500T. Notable is the fact that both chips are rated at a TDP of just 45W which is down from the previous low of 65W.

For those curious, the A10-6700T has a base core clock speed of 2.5GHz, 4MB of total L2 cache and a 720MHz IGP clock while the A8-6500T is clocked at 2.1GHz with the same 4MB of L2 cache and 720MHz IGP clock. Interestingly enough, MSI's support list didn't specify the number of processor cores, the max Turbo clock speed or the number of IGP ALUs.

Furthermore, a price wasn't mentioned but if we had to guess, it'll be a good bit cheaper than existing Richland APUs. That's because the base core clock speeds are significantly lower than other chips in its class. Aside from these two, the next slowest chip in terms of base clock is rated at 3.5GHz.

Given the lower clock speed and power consumption, these could be excellent candidates for home theater builds or other small form factor systems.