We're just two days removed from SoftBank's takeover of Sprint and the carrier is already making waves. On Thursday, the wireless provider announced a new program called Unlimited Guarantee that allows new and existing customers to lock in current unlimited talk, text and data plans for the life of their account.

Sprint's new feature applies to the Unlimited, My Way and My All-in plans and will be available starting today. Compatible plans start at just $80 per month with the ability to mix and match smartphones and feature phones as well as select data tiers. A total of 10 lines can be added to a single account, we're told.

Company CEO Dan Hesse said the guarantee frees customers from having to worry about their wireless bill or managing their family's wireless usage.

Things are certainly heating up in the mobile market, making it more difficult than ever to decide which carrier to select when eyeballing a new phone. Earlier this year T-Mobile debuted a $50 unlimited talk and text plan with tethering. This plan does away with monthly contracts but also requires users to pay full price for a handset (which can be spread out across multiple months to make payment easier).

On Wednesday, the company introduced a new program called Jump that allows customers to upgrade to a new handset every six months at full subsidized pricing. The program will set you back an extra $10 per month but if you are a gadget freak that must have the latest and greatest, look no further.