I’ve been reviewing laptops for nearly five years here at TechSpot. In that time, I’ve worked with a variety of systems from netbooks and gaming notebooks to hybrids and Ultrabooks. Each system is unique in its own right but there’s almost always one component that leaves me wishing for more: the speakers.

Let’s face it – laptop speakers suck. To that end, Logitech recently unveiled a set of Bluetooth speakers designed to alleviate this common complaint. The Z600 speakers are intended to complement the sleek looks of Mac and Ultrabook computers, according to Logitech. Of course, they’d work fine with virtually any portable.

Priced at $149.99 and available for pre-order right now, the versatile speakers work with any Bluetooth A2DP-enabled device or can alternately be connected to a device via USB audio-out or 3.5mm audio output. The speakers can support up to three simultaneous connections so you could have a notebook, tablet and smartphone all connected at once. To switch between devices, just press pause on one and play on another.

The Z600 speakers utilize touch controls to adjust the volume instead of a small knob. Around back, Logitech implemented lay-flat cables to connect to the power adapter which they claim will help reduce cable clutter on your desk, table or countertop.

Each can contains three drivers yet despite scouring Logitech’s website, I was unable to find any hardcore specifications like power output, etc. Either way, Logitech says the speakers will be shipping in the U.S. and Europe staring next month.