Logitech unveils Z600 Bluetooth speakers for Ultrabooks, Macs

Shawn Knight

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I’ve been reviewing laptops for nearly five years here at TechSpot. In that time, I’ve worked with a variety of systems from netbooks and gaming notebooks to hybrids and Ultrabooks. Each system is unique in its own right but there’s...

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I wonder if this was part of the Ultimate Ears and Logitech combo? If so, this will sound great!


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I hope this doesn't turn out to be as bad as the Z10. by bad, I mean the drivers and compatibility issue. both the z10 and zcinema was designed poorly, it probably takes a techie to use it without causing bsod.

that being said, the sound quality on z cinema is the best I've ever get from any logitech speaker-subwoofer to date.