For many, eBay is already synonymous with convenience; however, the expansion of the company's one-hour delivery service should further enhace this reputation. Formally called eBay Now, the courier program available to San Francisco residents for almost a year is expanding to include new locations in New York, San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas, eBay's VP of Mobile & Local Dane Glasgow revealed today.

Although the system expansion is perhaps the most notable announcement, eBay had other news to share too. Previously, eBay Now was only accessible through a mobile device; however, starting today, desktop users will also be able to take advantage of the service. eBay will charge the consumer a flat $5 delivery fee (on a minimum order of $25) and the expectation is that the product will arrive in under 60 minutes. Although the service is not supported by all retailers, the company has reportedly formed partnerships with "hundreds" of merchants. The current list includes The Home Depot, Best Buy, Toys R Us, Radio Shack, Macy's and Target.

Glasgow explained that eBay Now is perfect for emergency situations. For example, he reminisced how one customer used the service to order a new bike tire after he encountered an ill-timed flat. Surprisingly, the one-hour delivery service has also been used to purchase seemingly less urgent items, such as TVs, garden tools, and even an air conditioning unit.

Despite the early success of eBay Now, the company also faces competition from other established players. Google, Wal-Mart, and Amazon are also intrigued by the on-demand service and have been experimenting with similar programs.

Updated Jul 23. Original story incorrectly mentioned the introduction of a store pick-up option.