As of July 26, AT&T Mobile Share customers will have access to two new data tires while cost-conscious consumers will be able to purchase the Lumia 520 as part of the company’s pre-paid GoPhone program, AT&T announced on Monday.

Mobile Share subscribers that simply don’t use a ton of data will soon be able to lower their monthly bill by signing up for one of two new plans. The first offers up 300MB per month for $20 while the other new option grants 2GB of data for $50 per month. As of writing, AT&T’s cheapest Mobile Share data plan cost $40 for 1GB of data. If you needed more, the only other option is a 4GB, $70 per month bundle.

Note that the new plans are being added in addition to the existing 1GB and 4GB tiers. It’s a move that Mark Collins, senior vice president voice and data products for AT&T Mobility, said will give Mobile Share plan users even more options to design a plan that fits their unique needs.

In related news, AT&T also announced they will be offering the Lumia 520 handset starting the same day. It’s essentially the same device (Nokia 521) that T-Mobile customers have had access to for the past few months and represents an excellent value at just $99.99 under AT&T’s GoPhone service.

Despite the 4G moniker, however, this phone doesn’t support true 4G LTE connectivity. Instead, it uses the dated HSPA+ network. Either way, it includes some nifty features for such a low-end phone including a 5-megapixel camera and multiple Nokia apps.