Dreamworks' game-to-film adaptation of Need for Speed could have a bit of competition on the big screen as it has been confirmed that Sony is working on a movie based off the hit PlayStation racing franchise Gran Turismo.

Details are sparse at this hour but according to The Wrap, the film is currently in development with The Social Network and Fifty Shades of Grey producers Michael de Luca and Dana Brunetti. What's more, Sony Pictures executives Elizabeth Cantillon, Devon Franklin, and Hannah Minghella are in charge although these details haven't been confirmed by Sony.

Electronic Arts' Need for Speed franchise is already well into production. That film, starring Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad fame alongside Michael Keaton, tells the story of a local street racer that gets mixed up with a wealthy businessman. The partnership ultimately winds up with the protagonist behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. Hell-bent on revenge, he escapes from prison and sets out to find the man that framed him.

At last check, the film is expected to hit theaters on March 14, 2014.

Meanwhile, the next installment in Sony's racing franchise, Gran Turismo 6, is expected to race onto the scene this holiday season exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Surprisingly enough, Gran Turismo is the single largest franchise for the PlayStation as it has sold 70 million copies globally. Currently there are no plans to bring the racer to Sony's next generation console although it could be ported over at a later date.