I've seen some pretty clever (and geeky) marriage proposals over the years but forcing your girlfriend to beat a video game - and not a very easy one - before you'll pop the question is on another level. That's exactly what one guy on Reddit by the name of Equinn0xX did, hacking up an old copy of Contra in the process.

The passionate gamer (real name Quinn) admitted he knew very little about the inner workings of a Nintendo before the project, but through a lot of trial and error (and help from the Internet), he was able to make it a reality.

In short, he had to cut a hole in the NES cartridge and remove the ROM chip. Quinn went through several chips as part of the learning experience but ultimately he was able to modify some aspects of the game, namely the character names and the ending (the proposal), and get it all put back together successfully.

Interestingly enough, there was no question mark anywhere in the game so he had to use the ellipsis after the proposal instead of making it a question. Oh, and Konami (the game's publisher) caught wind of the story and even posted a link to it on their Facebook page.

One would have to assume that Amy said "yes" to the proposal although I wasn't able to actually find confirmation of this on Reddit. Either way, this is one of the cooler geek-related proposals I've seen in a long while. Best of luck!