Losing your keys can be a frustrating, and often time consuming experience. Alternatively, when faced with a missing phone, the common response is to try and call the handset, only to realize that it's on silent, or worse, out of battery. According to The Verge, Nokia is to address this with the Bluetooth "Treasure Tag" proximity sensor. The accessory will be compatible with the popular Lumia Windows Phone line, and make use of both Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC technology to run the necessary tracking components.

The basic principle behind the accessory is simple: the chances that you'll simultaneously lose both your keys and phone are slim. The "Treasure Tag" is a small box-like sensor that can easily attach to your keys via its loop strap. To track the location of the misplaced keys, the user simply consults the accompanying app on their phone, which displays a comprehensive map of the lost item as well as Nokia's LiveSight augmented reality view.

Furthermore, by holding down a button on the Treasure Tag, the user can also pinpoint the location of their missing phone. The sensor will cause your phone to emit a loud 'notification' sound, as long as it's within range. The tracking device is designed to be "always on", and since it's one of the first accessories equipped with the new Low Energy support, it boasts an impressive battery life of nearly 6 months.

The Treasure Tag is expected to launch in the next few weeks, following Nokia's highly anticipated Amber update that includes both a new FM radio and Bluetooth 4.0 support. The report also predicts that several other Bluetooth-enabled accessories are about to hit the scene, all making use of the upcoming update.