More than a few Apple fans own both an iPhone and a Mac. Using this knowledge, Apple has slowly started to link the two devices, integrating mobile-centric features onto the desktop. Although the current offerings permit users to receive both messages and FaceTime video calls through the Mac OS interface, traditional phone calls were never an available option; that is, until now.

According to the Verge, the Mac App Store now carries a new Mac OS application that goes by the name of Dialogue. Its purpose is to create a virtual link between your smartphone and desktop using Bluetooth support. The service is not limited to just iPhones, however, and is supposedly compatible with most smartphone models including Android and Windows Phone devices. While sitting idle in your Mac menu bar, the program patiently waits to redirect calls from your handset to your computer. Dialogue also allows you to make outgoing calls.

One of the major drawbacks is that the software does not sync your contacts via Bluetooth; the current system involves matching names and numbers with your existing Mac OS Contacts. As a result, contact synchronization is a small hassle unless you currently use iCloud. Another complaint is that without a pair of good headphones, the Mac's default speakers and microphone offer pretty poor sound quality for both of the parties involved.

Perhaps the most interesting Dialogue feature is its ability to record phone calls, to save this data onto your local device, and to play it back at a later time. Although this feature might not exactly be needed by everyone, it could come in handy for those having to transcribe a lot of calls.

For those interested, you can purchase Dialogue in the Mac App Store for $6.99.