Pricing for Intel’s upcoming Ivy Bridge-E Core i7 CPUs have leaked onto the web. Chips range in price from $310 on the low end all the way up to $990 for Intel’s most powerful enthusiast chip, all of which are expected to launch sometime during the first week of September.

Starting on the low end, the i7-4820K includes four cores clocked at 3.7GHz alongside 10MB of L3 cache and a 130W TDP. It can be yours for the aforementioned $310. Bumping up to the i7-4930K nets you a six-core CPU clocked at 3.4GHz and 12MB of L3 cache at the same 130W TDP. Expect to pay around $555 for the opportunity which is about $50 cheaper than the previous generation i7-3930K at launch.

If money is no object for you, the i7-4960X Extreme Edition will likely be on your wish list. This powerhouse six-core chip is clocked at 3.6GHz and comes with 15MB of L3 cache. Fortunately it’s also a 130W TDP processor so it shouldn’t run much warmer than the i7-4930K.

Unlike its Sandy Bridge-E counterpart, the i7-4820K is an unlocked part which will certainly appeal to overclockers. Even still, however, there will probably be some serious consideration to drop a bit more coin and spring for the i7-4930K due to the two extra processing cores.

It’s worth pointing out that those looking to upgrade from a Sandy Bridge-E platform will be able to do so without buying a new motherboard as the new HEDT parts are compatible with LGA 2011 boards.