Razer on Thursday launched a new membrane gaming keypad known as the Razer Tartarus. The niche accessory, which will serve as the successor to the Razer Nostromo, features 15 face buttons with 25 programmable keys as well as an eight-way directional thumb pad.

The gaming specialist points out that the thumb pad will allow players to move with more precision while at the same time doubling as a modifier key. This effectively multiplies the keyset count by eight, resulting in a total of 128 different command options. Anti-ghosting and a braided USB cable come standard and with backlit keys, gaming in low-light conditions shouldn't present any problems.

The unit features eight key maps that can be switched between on-the-fly. What's more, the Tartarus allows for unlimited macro lengths and unlimited game profiles through Razer's proprietary Synapse 2.0 software. This software allows gamers to save custom profiles and sync them from anywhere via the cloud.

Aesthetically, the Tartarus looks to have more in common with the Orbweaver than the $70 Nostromo. The former device launched back in January just ahead of CES priced at $130 but can be found for roughly $30 less than retail if you look around hard enough.

The Razer Tartarus is available as of writing through the company's online store or a number of worldwide partners for $79.99. The timing of the release doesn't appear to be by accident, either, as Gamescom is scheduled to kick off next week and we'll no doubt see a lot of game-related announcement during the show.