Motorola has unveiled (and subsequently pulled) a new mobile accessory called the Skip which is designed for use with the upcoming Moto X smartphone. The device is a bit unlike anything we've seen thus far as it allows the wearer to unlock a passcode / PIN-protected Moto X by simply tapping it to the Skip.

The Skip seems to be a novel approach to unlocking your phone, especially if you are a heavy user. I know several people that ultimately elected to disable their passcode because it was too bothersome to enter it in dozens of times a day. With the Skip, such a user could have the best of both worlds - a secure device without the hassle of having to enter a passcode or PIN each time.

The $20 accessory uses NFC technology to pair with your Moto X. Naturally, you'll have to leave NFC enabled on the phone for it to function. Hopefully that feature won't cause any noticeable drain on the phone's battery.

It's anyone's guess as to whether the Skip will be a hit or a flop. On one hand, it is convenient but conversely, one could argue that it's a bit lazy and furthermore, $20 for an NFC tag that probably cost $1 is a bit steep. Perhaps it would make more sense for Motorola to simply throw in the accessory as a bonus for those that choose to build a custom Moto X.