We last reported on developer Koushik Dutta with his Chromecast mod that allowed users to stream local video and audio content from their Android device. The developer has now released an APK based on the mod and dubbed it AirCast.

Due to legal concerns Google does not natively support the streaming of local video content, but with AirCast, files from your device's library, Dropbox and Google Drive can all be sent to your Chromecast. While it's likely Google might try to block apps of this nature, this kind of functionality is clearly desired among users and is one of the more notable differences between Chromecast and Apple's AirPlay.

"I spent a couple hours yesterday reverse engineering the Chromecast protocols. Great success! I am now able to get around all the developer whitelist restrictions," Dutta wrote on his Google+ account yesterday. "I'm actually not using the Chromecast or MediaRouter SDKs at all anymore."

Similar to an early version that ran through CyanagenMod, the AirCast APK will allow you to simply select a local video file, tap the share button, and then the AllCast button to choose which Chromecast (if you have more than one) you would like to stream the video to. You will also have access to playback controls right on your device.

The AirCast app is currently in beta and available for free for those interested in getting in early. Dutta says that he's just looking for feedback and bugs right now, and that the app will "self destruct in 2 days." So far the only major issue is with some Gallery apps, like on the HTC One, currently not showing the AirCast button.

Check out the latest demonstration video below and you can grab the free Aircast download from Dutta's Google+ page.