Following up on the Catalyst 13.8 beta driver released earlier this month, AMD has released a second revision with scattered tweaks, including new frame pacing support for World of Warcraft, Sniper Elite, Watch Dogs and Tomb Raider when playing on a Crossfire setup. Frame pacing was introduced with the previous beta build to help ensure frames are displayed smoothly. The feature should be enabled globally by default but you can configure it on a per-application basis in the Catalyst Control Center.

Today's update also improves performance in many titles, not least of which is a 25% boost when playing Saints Row IV on ultra at 1080p and a 9% gain in Splinter Cell: Blacklist when it's running on ultra at 2560x1600. AMD doesn't provide specific numbers, but Radeon owners can also expect better performance out RIPD on single GPUs, Minimum and Castlevania: Lords of Shadow on multiple GPUs and Final Fantasy XIV on both types of graphics configurations.

Catalyst 13.8 beta 2 (release notes): Desktop | Mobile | Linux

Additionally, AMD has solved corruption and image quality issues in Doom 3 BFG Edition, Far Cry 3 and Van Helsing, particularly when playing the latter two with anti-aliasing enabled in the CCC.

Naturally, there are always kinks to iron out and the company says it's aware of at least three more issues with the latest beta drivers: Crossfire used with Overdrive can result in secondary GPUs running at 99%, enabling Crossfire can cause the secondary GPU's PCIe bus speed to be reported as x1, and apparently BioShock Infinite's new DLC doesn't play nice with frame pacing, so you'll probably want to disable that for the time being.