Formally known as Good Old Games, is a computer games distributor which has built its user base upon a catalog of vintage titles, and now its DRM-free platform is launching a new indie game portal aimed at both Mac and Windows users. The service is set to become a direct rival of established stores such as Steam and the Mac App Store; but unlike the aforementioned marketplaces, GOG wants to go above and beyond for its developers.

In the games industry, the traditional revenue share between developers and publishers is 70/30. Although GOG has no plans to change this business model, they are offering developers a chance to receive cash upfront; an advance of sorts. The revenue split will be 60/40 until the advance is fully paid off, at which time the original 70/30 divide will be reinstated for the duration of the deal.

Another incentive is that newly published titles will be given an extensive media campaign, helping them to gain some extra exposure in an overcrowded marketplace.  This includes becoming the "site's main feature, with an extra-large header banner and a front page news article." GOG will also promote any successful submissions via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and YouTube, among other social media channels.

In-depth feedback for apps in progress, and actual explanations for rejected games are just a few additional perks that GOG is providing. 

It will definitely take some time for GOG to reach a similar user base to that of the Mac App Store or Steam, but with their breadth of developer incentives, they appear to be on the right track.