Use secrecy to help build hype over an upcoming product or simply let the cat out of the bag ahead of schedule to accomplish the same objective? Samsung squarely fits into the latter category once again as executive VP of Samsung's mobile business Lee Young-hee recently confirmed we will see multiple new products at next week's IFA conference in Berlin.

During a recent chat with the Korea Times, the executive said Samsung will unveil its first smartwatch on September 4, two days before the conference officially gets under way. Referred to as the Galaxy Gear, the intelligent timepiece will use a non-flexible display - quelling any rumors that the device would utilize flexible display technology.

She also confirmed we will see the international debut of the Galaxy Note III. Samsung opened a new device category (phablet) back in 2011 with the introduction of the original Note and now, large screen smartphones are rather trendy. Young-hee stopped short of revealing any solid details on the device but did say we can expect to see enhanced key features at the very least.

Shifting gears a bit, Young-hee squashed all speculation that Samsung was interested in Canadian handset maker BlackBerry. Instead, the company wishes to focus on strengthening their smartphone and tablet business in addition to boosting mobile security. The latter category is apparently ripe for the picking and their Android-based Knox will likely lead the charge.