Popular music streaming service Spotify has teamed up with home-audio manufacturers to reinvent the way we listen to music. The new initiative is set to launch in just a few months, allowing premium members to connect to Spotify via their Wi-Fi compatible speakers. Although this idea sounds very much like Bluetooth-enabled speakers; the Swedish-based firm insists that there are many hidden benefits to using their system.

According to Cnet, Spotify has enlisted several major audio players, including Argon, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Hama, Marantz, Philips, Pioneer, Revo, Teufel and Yamaha. The best thing about this mix is that it captures both market extremes, appealing to high-end users as well as those on a budget. And unlike other services, such as TV or mobile communications, the music industry isn't controlled by just a few providers or manufacturers; several strategic partnerships must be made in order to do anything of real impact.

So how will people use the new "Connect" feature?  The biggest advantage of the system is that it doesn't actually require a phone to provide the tunes. Even with Bluetooth speakers, which eliminate physical connectivity, the handset must be actively running the program in order to function. If the user has to answer a call or quickly browse the web, the music comes to an abrupt halt. Spotify's new feature completely eliminates these issues, even allowing you to power down your mobile device while the music continues to play,

In theory, this system would also allow you to listen to music while you jog home, and as soon as you enter the building, your speakers are automatically "pinged" to play along.

Eventually, the company plans to be the all-inclusive music provider of the future; a time period in which music not only plays from our speakers, but reverberates from our light bulbs and even our clothes.

Spotify Connect will initially roll out to premium subscribers on the iPhone, iPad, and home audio systems. Android and desktop users will be included in the next wave of updates.