Kim Dotcom has stepped down as the director of Mega, the cloud hosting platform he launched earlier this year following the shutdown of MegaUpload. The Internet entrepreneur will use his newfound time to work on other projects which include political aspirations and ongoing legal battles. A filing with the New Zealand Companies Office confirmed the resignation.

One of those new projects is said to be a music platform, formerly known as Megabox. The service will be operated by a company he already owns and moving forward, Dotcom said he has dropped the Megabox name for a more favorable one. The music service won't use the same "Mega" branding as his other projects, we're told.

Dotcom said there are 22 developers working on the project which is expected to launch within a few months.

Elsewhere, Dotcom said he recently completed a draft program to create a new political party. It's his wish for this new party to participate in New Zealand's elections next year. He told TorrentFreak that he was excited about the party and was confident that he can help the country become a significant Internet economy player. He added that someone needs to lead New Zealand into the future because unfortunately, the current government doesn't know what the future looks like.

Dotcom also has an extradition hearing related to his involvement in MegaUpload scheduled for November of this year although it is very possible that it could be pushed back to April 2014.