At this year's IFA conference in Berlin, Samsung is showing off the massive 98 and 110-Inch Ultra HDTVs we were expecting. The company also teased its own 4K OLED display as well as introducing the world's first curved TV with UHD resolution.

Samsung teased a 4K OLED TV, much like the products Sony and Panasonic showed off at CES back in January. Like those sets, Samsung's OLED UHD TV is just a prototype, not a full blown product. Samsung said the tech present in the 4K OLED "represents an unprecedented leap forward for picture quality and sharp contrast with its self-emitting pixels and natural motion."

This morning Samsung unveiled a 98-Inch version of its ultra high-def S9 HDTV. The company previously launched an 85-Inch version that went on pre order back in March and showed off an 110-Inch version back at CES. The massive UHD TVs are more or less larger versions of the 85-Inch counterpart. You can expect the 98-Inch version to have a significantly larger price tag than the already outrageous $40,000, 85-Inch model.

The company also showed off the S9C television that features a 55-inch curved OLED display. The set has the MultiView technology we previously heard about, which allows two different people to watch two different shows at the same time in full screen. Each person wears a set of glasses, not unlike your average 3D glasses, that will only pick up one show at a time. The glasses will also support 3D and have a separate audio feed through a built-in earpiece.

Additionally, Samsung revealed the world's first curved TV with UHD resolution in both 55 and 65-Inch versions. It uses your standard LED LCD display as opposed to OLED. On top of that, the company mentioned some pricing on the smaller F9000 UHD displays priced at about $5,270 and $7,900 for the 55-Inch and 65-Inch respectively.

While Samsung certainly had a great showing with its TVs, it was the $300 Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch that seems to be garnering most of the attention.