The fifth major installment in the Grand Theft Auto franchise is launching in less than a week and if you need something to hold you over until then, we understand. The game is said to have a map bigger than the previous two GTA titles and Red Dead Redemption combined and now, we have proof of that.

Turns out, someone accidentally sold a copy of the GTA V strategy guide before its release date and given the connected world we live in, it was only a matter of time before images of the upcoming game's map hit the web.

Needless to say, the game's map is absolutely massive with mountains, deserts, countryside terrain and for the first time, a completely new underwater world to explore. There's still a downtown city area but the rest of the map dwarfs it in size.

If you were thinking the map might be a hoax, think again. Rockstar's official Twitter account recently acknowledged the leak and confirmed it is indeed authentic as coming directly from the Brady Games strategy guide. They even complemented the efforts of fans as they tried to recreate the map based on information available thus far.

To put the map into perspective, a NeoGaf user superimposed the map from GTA: San Andreas over the one for GTA V. As you can see, well... there's really no comparison as the new map is at least five times larger than the one from the previous game.