Game of Thrones fans now have something to hold them over until season four of the hit HBO series kicks off early next year. Uruguay-based comic artist Abel Alves crafted an unofficial 8-bit video game based on the franchise that's now available to download free of charge.

During a recent interview with the Atlantic Wire, Alves said the world of Game of Thrones was very easy to transform into a classic platform game with epic battles, fantasy-like creatures and solid characters. But the game also gave him a bit of creative freedom to add in or remove elements of the franchise to make it more fun and engaging.

It's not the first Game of Thrones adaptation to hit the scene as two titles have already been released under the banner. Both, unfortunately, were met with lackluster reviews.

Gameplay consists of players controlling many of the main characters from the show and books including Daenerys, Jon Snow and Tyrion. It wouldn't be a classic 8-bit game without a killer soundtrack and from what we are hearing, it delivers just that.

The title was reportedly created using the Arcade Game Studio program which is a software tool that helps developers build recreations of '80s era video games.

It joins a growing list of Game of Thrones merchandise including books, t-shirts, board games and other collectibles. And if the title proves to be a hit, Alves said it isn't out of the question to consider making a sequel.