Infinity Blade 3, initially unveiled back on September 10 alongside the iPhone 5S, is available now on the App Store. This time around the game's plot will follow two playable characters, Siris and Isa, who have teamed up with the God-King Raidriar in order to take down the Worker of Secrets and his horde of Titans. Both Isa and Siris will play completely different, both with their own combat techniques. Each will have three unique combat styles as well as their own set of more than 100 different weapons and items.

Another new addition to the third iteration in the series is The Hideout. This is an area that serves as a game hub between main story missions as well as your in-game base of operations. You will meet up with and unlock allies with various helpful skills throughout the campaign that you can then access at The Hideout.

For example, you will be able to purchase rare items from The Merchant, you can fuse new gems to make more powerful items and weapons at The Gemcutter and The Potionmaster creates rare items and potions out of ingredients the player has procured throughout the game world. Lastly, The Forge Master will allow you to create new weapons as well as re-master all maxed out weapons and items.

Another interesting feature is "The Dragon." Developer ChAIR said this is a recurring nemesis that you will be battling throughout the campaign, that apparently has "near limitless health."

Infinity Blade 3 is available now for $6.99 and supports both iOS 6 and iOS 7.