Some harsh words are being tossed around by Alki David, the billionaire owner of unlicensed live programming distributor FilmOn, towards Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia recently. David says the hostile words were based on ongoing Denial of Service attacks towards FilmOn's website that he believes Kanojia had a hand in.

Yesterday afternoon, a message from David's Twitter account toward the Aereo CEO read: "@ckanojia - hey fuckhead, if you keep ddosing FilmOn you are going to pay in more ways than you can imagine." Then just a few minutes later, a second message was fired off from the FilmOn owner's account saying: "What you are doing is like breaking into someone's home and smashing their shit up," continuing with, "Fortunately [you] lame fuck, my geeks are smarter."

Early this morning Alki David confirmed that he was the one who sent the messages.

David claims that FilmOn has been under attack from a ddos for the past couple weeks and that he has information leading him to believe that Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia is in some way responsible for it. There has been no official word from Aereo as of yet.

Although these two companies have been at each others throats before, (FilmOn was originally to be named Aereokiller before things got legal and David was forced to change it) many were expecting the two to stick together being that they face a common adversary. Both companies distribute and stream live over-the-air programming without licensing the content, a practice that sees the two in and out of legal battles with the major broadcasters. Even though Aereo has managed to slip by a couple of these lawsuits, FilmOn has taken a bit of a beating, leading to what many believe could shut the doors on both services.