Moto X owners on T-Mobile will likely be happy to hear about a new OTA update that drastically improves the phone's camera experience. The 1/2.6" format sensor with 1.4µm pixels, a unique RGBC color filter array with single clear pixel and an f/2.4 optical system should have been a strong point for the Moto X but results with it were mixed at best according to at least one reviewer.

AnandTech's Brian Klug recently got his hands on the update and found imaging performance improved dramatically indoors and out. Specifically, the update improves exposure in outdoor and backlit scenes. White balance and color accuracy are also tweaked and there is a noticeable reduction of noise in low light scenes.

Sample images from an original Moto X and one running the update pretty much speak for themselves. The white balance that left a cool bluish tint in some scenes is now replaced by a more accurate warmer tint when necessary while colors overall, especially outdoor scenes, have more pop.

Klug noted the changes made by Motorola are the biggest he has ever seen to come across in an OTA update. With any luck, the software update will eventually arrive on other carriers pending testing and approval. No word on when that might take place, unfortunately.

It's also worth mentioning the update addressed issues related to choppy audio during voice calls, an improvement to Moto Assist and increased Touchless Control accuracy.