Cross-brand promotion is all the rage lately. In the wake of Google adopting Nestle's Kit Kat brand as the codename for the upcoming revision of Android, longtime 3M staple Post-It is joining forces with note-taking provider Evernote to ensure the sticky paper notes remain relevant in today's digital age.

Starting today, a photo taken with the new Post-it Note Camera feature in Evernote for iOS 7 will digitized any real-world Post-It Note and create a file that can be shared anywhere. What's more, captured Post-Its can be categorized by color.

For example, a green Post-It Note could be filed away as a homework reminder while a yellow note could designate a shopping list. Captured Notes will be searchable via the cloud-based platform, we're told.

Jesse Singh, vice president and general manager of the 3M stationery and office supplies division, said the collaboration is a natural fit for the two brands and demonstrates how technology has finally caught up to the simplicity of the Post-It Note.

On the retail side, the companies are introducing special packs of co-branded Post-It products that will include a free 30-day subscription to Evernote Premium. Specially marked products include traditional 3" x 3" Post-It Notes in a variety of colors as well as 11" x 11" Big Pads. These products will be recognizable on store shelves as they will feature Evernote's signature elephant head logo.

No word yet on when or if the feature will arrive on Android or other platforms.