Technical issues are pretty much a guarantee these days whenever a highly anticipated game makes its online debut. It's incredibly frustrating not to be able to play your just-purchased game as the creators intended and rather than try and prepare for the issue ahead of time, it seems publishers are content to work out the kinks or add more servers after the fact and shovel freebies at gamers to make up for it.

Such is the case with Rockstar's latest smash hit, GTA V. While the single-player mode is outstanding, the multiplayer segment was predictably met with numerous technical issues. As a peace offering to those that have been unable to enjoy the online experience, Rockstar is offering anyone that has played or will play GTA Online this month a special in-game stimulus package.

Specifically, users' bank accounts will receive $500,000 of in-game cash starting as early as next week. To help keep the worldwide in-game economy in check, the money will be awarded via two separate deposits of $250,000. Specific dates will be announced as soon as possible, Rockstar promised, and they hope this will facilitate a fresh start or makes your continued in-game life a bit sweeter.

Players must first install the latest inbound patch (1.04) which is expected to remedy some lingering issues like vehicle purchase loss. Otherwise, no additional actions are required and the money should automatically appear in the in-game bank accounts of eligible players.