Space shuttle Endeavour arrived at its final resting place - the California Science Center in Los Angeles - one year ago. The trip was supposed to take just 36 hours but given the fact that it was such a huge undertaking, the 11-mile journey dragged on for four days.

Along for the ride was Scott Andrews, a professional photographer that has photographed nearly every manned shuttle launch since his first as a 12-year-old boy in 1966. Andrews, along with his son Philip and former Apple software engineer Stan Jirman, captured the historic move from start to finish and produced the time-lapse video embedded below.

The six-and-a-half minute clip was put together using 12 cameras that captured more than 350,000 photos - or 6TB of data. Combing through the images to select just the right ones for the video, stitching it all together and editing the frame-to-frame transitions took roughly 100 man hours and 22 CPU days. The shuttle will never fly in space again but thanks to their work, we can enjoy its last journey time and time again.

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