Switching to a new smartphone can be a hassle, especially if there is no easy way to transfer all of your contacts from your outgoing device to the shiny new one. Fortunately for hopeful Moto X buyers, that'll no longer be an issue as you can have the handset arrive pre-loaded with all of your existing contacts - so long as you are coming from an iPhone.

At the end of the online customization process through Moto Maker, you'll be promoted to use the new Migration feature. Simply enter in your Apple ID and password then sign into your Google account to get things started. The handy tool copies your iCloud data and loads it onto the custom Moto X you just created. The entire process takes around five minutes for up to 500 contacts and calendar entries, we're told.

The tool is only able to copy contacts and calendar entries at this point but Motorola is planning to develop it further to include other data as well. No word yet on what that data might be, however.

In the event you just recent purchased a Moto X and missed the migration tool addition, there's a similar tool built into the phone to facilitate the transfer at home. Other companies like HTC also have transfer tools that allow users to grab data from an iPhone and port it over. For example, the HTC One uses Bluetooth to snag contacts and calendar entries to help ease the transition.