Crytek is well known for its graphically impressive and visually stunning games on PC and console, but now the developer is taking its expertise down another path, browser games.

Crytek's new title is a free to play browser game called Warface. While it doesn't show off Crytek's graphical prowess the way the Crysis series does, many have suggested its the development team's most accessible game to date.

It is just a standard military FPS at its core, but with Crytek's style and level of experience written all over it. There are four separate soldier classes available and Crytek says the game will be updated regularly with new cooperative and competitive game modes and content packs. Reports say that you'll have to play about 30 minutes into the tutorial in order to unlock the medic class and about an hour for the engineer class. Head below to check out the Warface launch trailer.

It is interesting to see a highly respected developer of Crytek's caliber enter the free-to-play browser space. The move is part of a larger plan to introduce the company's new browser based gaming platform called Gface. Warface (which appears to be named after the platform) is also part of the company's strategy to familiarize gamers with its new web-based gaming system. Users will need to sign up to Gface in order to access Warface. Gface also acts as a social hub for gamers as well, providing chat functionality and a UI for organizing game sessions.

Warface is now available to play free in North America, Europe, and Turkey on PC. Crytek has also added English, French, German, and Turkish localizations with additional language support coming in the future.