Now that Apple has revealed the new iPad Air at yesterday's event, it's time for third party case and cover makers to launch their new product lineups. Belkin looks to be the first one out of the gate with three new keyboard case/cover options for the iPad Air.

First is the new flagship product, Qode Ultimate Keyboard Case. It will run you $129 and comes in both a silver or black aluminum body while bringing 264 hours of active battery life (4300 hours in standby). That is a fairly pricey option as far as keyboard cases go, especially after dropping $499 on a new iPad Air, but Belkin is also coming with some slightly more affordable options as well.

The QODE Thin Type Keyboard Cover for iPad Air will cost $99.99 when it launches and will come with 79 hours of active battery life (3100 hours in standby), but will be available with only the silver aluminum body.

For a more colorful option, as well as an even lower cost of entry, Belkin will be offering the QODE Slim Style Keyboard Case for iPad Air at $79.99 in white/topaz, black, white/purple, black/red and white/sorbet. The Slim Style model will offer 60 hours of active battery time or 60 days of standby time.

These three options along with the rest of Belkin's new and refreshed stands and cases will be making their debut in November. Belkin has also released some product announcement videos showing off the new QODE keyboard cases in action. You can check out the QODE Ultimate Keyboard Case video below and see the rest of them on