A report from The Wall Street Journal says that Google's smart watch option could be much further along than some have thought. The report claims that Google is "in late-stage development," on the device and is quickly approaching production. Google is currently in talks with various suppliers and "could be ready for mass production" on the wearable "within months," according to WSJ.

The Journal's sources say Google's smart watch will run on Android and will largely be based around Google Now, which collates news, weather and other content from your Google account. This is something many are suggesting could work really well for a smart watch device.

One thing that hasn't worked so well with current smart watch designs, namely Samsung's Galaxy Gear, is battery consumption. The Galaxy Gear has been criticized pretty heavily for its short battery life and constant need to charge, which is something Google is throwing a massive amount of research and development dollars at in order to improve, according to the reports.

Google's upcoming wearable will also be able to talk to your other devices similarly to other smart watch designs, except with the deep Google Now integration. Sources say the device will "be able to communicate with other devices such as a smartphone." This likely means we will see some kind of data tethering functionality as well.

Although it sounds as though Google will be taking this thing into production early next year, there is no info on what any of this might mean in terms of availability at this point.