Product engineer and celebrity endorser typically aren’t two job titles that you’d find on an individual’s resume but that’s the exact role (no pun intended) that actor Ashton Kutcher will fulfill in his new position with Lenovo.

In a press release on the matter, Lenovo said Kutcher will work with the company’s engineering teams around the world to offer insight in the development and marketing of their Yoga line of tablets. He boasts more than 15 million Twitter followers which, given the platform’s recent changes to users’ timelines, could certainly help Lenovo’s social media push.

The actor studied biochemical engineering at the University of Iowa and as co-founder of A-Grade Investments, has provided venture capital and collaboration for multiple tech companies including Airbnb, Foursquare, Spotify and Path, just to name a few. He’s also done promotional work for Nikon in the past and played the role of Steve Jobs in the biographical drama film Jobs earlier this year.

Kutcher is by no means the first celebrity to take on a creative role at a large tech company. Lady Gaga was named as Polaroid’s creative director back in 2010 and a year later, Intel signed Black Eyed Peas frontman to a multi-year deal as their director of creative innovation.

Early this year, BlackBerry selected hit recording artist Alicia Keys as their new creative director while T-Mobile nabbed pop star Shakira to perform during their Uncarrier 3.0 event just a few weeks ago.