NVIDIA has released a new set of Detonator drivers, now carrying the 'FX' brand name on them and claiming an impressive 30% performance boost across the whole GeForceFX family. We have already put them up in our drivers section, available in both Windows 98/ME and XP/2k flavors, like most Detonators, these support all cards ranging from TNT to GeForce FX series.

For more information on the drivers visit the links above, I've tested them myself already on a GeForceFX 5200 board I'm testing and they improved performance considerably, Tech-Report guys have posted a drivers performance comparison today, too, it's a shame they only test on FX boards though I've heard that they don't do much on older cards, performance wise, that is.

Speaking of NVIDIA, today they introduced a dedicated Web site for gamers and 3D graphics enthusiasts called the 'nZone', I believe they had a Doom 3 video for download earlier today but I couldn't find it at the time of posting.