Looks like this is definitely the most exciting E3 in years, both the console and PC front seem to be extremely busy in terms of short and long announcements... here are some interesting links for you to check out:

Gamespot gives a first and second looks to UT2004, Deus Ex 2 and Half-Life 2.

Both Microsoft and Sony have announced smaller than expected console price cuts, also Sony will bundle the Network Adapter as a standard package with the PS2. In the other hand, Nintendo has said they are already planning their next generation console to be launched before competitors', could still be a couple of years ahead though.

Nokia's N-Gage will launch on October 7th, the Mobile phone / gameplayer combination will debut with 10 titles, and cost $299. It will be available simultaneously around the world, for GSM-based networks.

A Doom 3 trailer has been doing the rounds today, first available in some of the bigger sites for paid subscriptors or registration needed, it's now available as a direct download at PlanetQuake3. A Half-Life 2 teaser also seems to be available at IGN.