Netflix quietly adds 4K Ultra HD test clips ahead of full-scale rollout next year

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Nov 2, 2013
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  1. Netflix recently added a half dozen or so 4K HD videos to their online catalog in preparation of a full-scale rollout in the coming months. The company has thus far only added some internal testing videos to the site although...

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  2. ...also known as 'How else to waste the Internet bandwidth, while putting video store owners out of business.'

    Netflix is owned by the Devil.
  3. Now everyone can have a chance at legally hitting their bandwidth cap halfway through the month!
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  4. davislane1

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    Now we know the solution to the economic conundrum that's plagued economists and business owners for centuries. Why do businesses go out of business? O.O The Devil!!!!
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  5. davislane1

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    While 4K sounds awesome in theory, I don't see the application side from a video streaming perspective. I'm running on 100mb/s cable and full HD streams sometimes run into issues coming from Netflix. I can only imagine how painful a 4K stream would be on a bad day. Not to mention the need for a 4K display and the fact that such a high resolution would ruin the aesthetics of most sci-fi series and movies.
  6. Well your ISP is junk. I have an unlimited 120Mb connection and every day I have multiple sports streams at 720p (as many games that are playing). My wife streams 1080p content all day while I'm streaming my sports at the same time. Could be your router causing problems.
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  7. davislane1

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    I laughed when I read this. To call my ISP 'junk' is to suggest that there's something redeemable about their service.
  8. That's nothing compared to the pain of blowing your data cap allowance and triggering penalty fees on your monthly bills.

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