Motorola's "save-the-date" invitations and an accidental website leak days ago suggest that the company's newest smartphone creation is ready to greet a mobile tech hungry world.

The Google-owned developer is prepping to unveil something big, as evident by the recent release of media invitations. The artistic invite features a lushly covered planet, with a large body of water in the shape of Motorola's iconic "M" placed front and center. The invitation doesn't give much information away, and appears to be a subtle tension builder, much like Apple's invitations in which the company has "something big to show you."

The event, scheduled for November 13th, will cover the company's newest smartphone, dubbed the "Moto G." This name was first uncovered on the manufacturer's website, but it was quickly removed. The #MotoG tag located on the bottom left hand corner of the invitation is the only clue towards its unveiling.

The Moto G would be the next installment in the "Moto" series, which is Google's attempt to revive Motorola's smartphone business. There is speculation that the Moto G may be a lower-cost version of the Moto X.

Google was hoping to re-enter the market at a strong, fast pace with their very colorful and customizable Moto X, but so far sales have been modest, at around 100,000 devices per week by some estimates. Three months in since the device's introducttion, that's a far cry from the 9 million iPhone 5S and 5C phones sold during launch weekend, or the Galaxy S4's 20 million milestone in the first couple of months.

We'll see if taking a more affordable angle with the Moto G can help Motorola reclaim some of its former glory.