Mobile virtual network operator, Republic Wireless, has announced recently that it will begin offering the Moto X for $299 with no contract. Initially announced back in September, the Moto X deal will be accompanied by some new service plans from Republic Wireless, starting as low as $5.

Republic Wireless, who taps Sprint's network for its service, first came into the public eye in a major way a while back, when it began offering a $19 plan that included unlimited talk, text and data over 3G. Having first launched with the less desirable Defy XT, the company will now likely be a more viable option for consumers with the availability of the Moto X.

Motorola's flagship is the highest end phone the company has offered to date. The reason that is notable is because of the extremely low priced plans that Republic offers for the Moto X. As we mentioned above, the lowest priced option will start at $5 and come with unlimited talk, text and data over Wi-Fi only. You can also get unlimited talk and text via both Wi-Fi and cellular, as well as unlimited data on Wi-Fi for $10. Lastly, there is also a $25 a month plan that comes with unlimited talk, text and 3G data and a $40 plan with unlimited talk, text and 4G data.

Basically, these are really affordable plans that offer calling over Wi-Fi, so they are really only ideal for those who will be primarily using home or public networks rather than pulling data down from Republic's system. If you're interested in the Moto X and Wi-Fi is pretty much all you need, you likley won't be finding a better deal then these anytime soon.

Republic Wireless has the $299, no contract Moto X on sale now.