Sony's new PlayStation 4 may be off to a hot start but not everyone is happy with their new console. Some users have reported a blue light that continuously flashes on the front of the system which prevents gamers from playing. In response, Sony has published a troubleshooting guide designed to help those affected by this problem.

In a statement on the matter, Sony said the flashing blue light could be triggered by a number of different reasons ranging from a problem with the system's power supply, hard drive or other hardware to a compatibility issue with the user's television.

The guide outlines steps that can be taken to check on multiple potential causes. For example, one cause could be the absence of an audio or video link to the TV which will cause the system to shut down. The obvious fix here is to make sure all of the connections are solid and power down the console to try again.

Another issue could be with the system's 500GB hard drive not having a secure connection internally. The guide shows users how to open the HDD bay cover to check for a proper connection - steps that could also be useful should you want to upgrade the stock drive.

According to the company, less than 0.4 percent of units shipped to date are affected by issues. Sony is closely monitoring the situation but believes the reports thus far are little more than isolated incidents. Even still, less than 0.4 percent is within their expectation for a new product introduction. The vast majority of PS4 feedback thus far has been overwhelmingly positive, Sony said.