Anyone out there bored with World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 yet? I know I've played enough of both to be completely despondent three times over, so I can imagine MMO fans are anxiously awaiting the release of Elder Scrolls Online. The latest project from ZeniMax is shaping up to be a big release, and while we don't have any information pertaining to pricing or a release date yet, we are getting some campaign and storyline details.

The campaign in ESO revolves around three separate guilds battling for control of the land of Cyrodill. Much like Guild Wars 2, ESO will feature an "overflow," allowing you to join your friends and guild mates in a specific campaign if for some reason the server or zone you are in is full. However, these overflows will have a cap system in place, ensuring that one specific side of any given campaign cannot have too many players at once. Developers want to keep things as balanced as possible, without giving one guild too much power.

In addition to the main guilds, there are two separate coalitions, the Fighters and the Mages. According to the developers behind Elder Scrolls Online, "neither of these guilds take sides in the ongoing conflict in Cyrodiil. They prefer to focus their resources towards solving problems that are, in their eyes, more important, such as fighting Daedra and recovering lore on the brink of destruction."

Players will be able to join either one of these extra guilds regardless of what main guild they belong to. This "side quest" addition will surely increase the size and complexity of what's shaping up to be a massive world.

Developers also spoke about how lock picking will work in the MMO:

"When trying to pick locks in ESO, you'll see a set of tumblers. Using lockpicks that you carry in your backpack, you'll need to force them down into the correct position. If you pay close attention, the game will give you visual and audio hints as to where the right position for each tumbler is. But you'll also have to fight against the clock and open the lock within a given time."

You'll also need to keep your guard up. According to developers, enemy NPC's and hostile players can and will attack you while you're attempting to pick a lock. Because of this, it's probably a good idea to clear an area or bring a friend along with you if you plan on looting some locked up valuables.

If you're interested in reading the Q&A in its entirety, you can check out the Ask Us Anything: Variety Pack 11 post on the official Elder Scrolls Online website.